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Professional R & D team, advanced automated production equipment
Design and R&D teams with rich practical experience and strong technical R&D capabilities
With sophisticated fully automated production equipment, the products produced are safe and
stable, with high precision, and at the same time increase the production efficiency by
40%, providing a great guarantee for on-time delivery

Factory direct sales, timely delivery, greatly benefiting customers
Professionally provide measuring instrument solutions, and can be customized according
to the actual situation of customers
Factory direct sales, timely supply, strict adherence to credit commitments, multiple sales
models (spot wholesale + processing customization) to protect your interests and reduce
procurement costs

A number of international certification authority and consumers alike
Years of dedicated experience, excellent quality has won praise from consumers and customers
The products have been approved by ISO9001 and other certification agencies, and are confirmed to be products with qualified quality and supply.

Factory outlets and provide customized services to sample
Perfect and excellent service, provide every customer with perfect products and services at a reasonable price, and respond quickly and accurately to customer needs
In the face of problems, respond quickly, make accurate judgments, solve problems in a timely manner, and eliminate your worries
Jiehongsuccessfully obtainedISO9001 and IQNetother certification
About Jiehong
About Jiehong
About Guangzhou Jiehong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Professional manufacturer of high quality measuring instrument accessories
Consistent for eleven years
  Products involved: level, electronic theodolite, total station, GNSS series: batteries, chargers, communication cables, power cables, antennas, brackets, carbon drill rods, launch pads, instrument boxes, etc.
  Compatible products cover most brands such as: Leica, Topcon, Trimble, Pentax, Nikon, Nanfang, Kelida, Sanding, Ruide, China Test, Zhonghaida, Suzhou Yiguang, Kewei, Zhongwei Zhongwei , Bowflex, Oppo, Dadi, American Spectrum, Ashtech, Novatee and more.
  In order to improve management level and improve product quality, JHCH has passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 2014. JHCH now accepts customer personalization...
Analysis of wire and cable industry
Analysis of wire and cable industry   

Product concentration The output value of five categories of products in China's wire and cable i...

Jiehong electronics teaches you how to check the total station
Jiehong electronics teaches you how to check the total station   

(1) The horizontal axis of the collimation part shall be perpendicular to the vertical axis. Duri...

Theodolite An instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles. It is ...
1. Miniaturization development technology of connector This technology is mai...
The two concepts of "GPS positioning" and "GPS navigation" are both related a...
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Main business: wholesale of surveying and mapping instrument accessories, imported total stations, electronic theodolite batteries, electronic theodolite wires and cables
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